SVIEC Sitename

What is SVIEC?

SVIEC is a special group of Italian and Italian American high tech, biotech, clean tech and venture capital executives who come together for networking and education on technology, the law, and public policy.


Italians have made some rather impressive contributions to technology, including the development of the microprocessor, the commercialization of the mechanical mouse and synthetization of insulin, other technology associations (Israeli, Indian, Iranian, and Taiwanese) have established a presence and have come together for a similar purpose. recognizing the major influence Italians have had on technology in the Silicon Valley, we thought it important to tell the Italian “story” of innovation.

What is the purpose behind SVIEC?

SVIEC aims at building a cohesive group of Italian and Italian American technology executives in the San Francisco Bay area for purposes of networking and staying current on issues relating to technology, the law, and public policy.

How often does SVIEC meet?

SVIEC usually hosts meetings every other month.

What will take place at SVIEC events?

Members can expect networking, socializing, and educational programs featuring renown speakers on technology, the law, and public policy. past speakers include: Former Arizona Governor and current Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano; Kleiner Perkins General Partner, Ray Lane; Washington D.C. super-lobbyist, Jonathan Yarowsky; crisis management expert, Mark Fabiani; Logitech Chairman, Guerrino de Luca; microchip co-inventor, Federico Faggin; Biotechnology icon, Roberto Crea; author and CNBC contributor, Charles Gasparino.


Become a member!

For more information, contact: Marco Marini